20-21 October 2023 | Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre London Heathrow

                               We are thrilled to be bringing you Convention 2023, a celebration of the recognition of                                             Osteopathy.

                               This once-in-a-generation event will take place in London at the Radisson Hotel & Conference                                 Centre London Heathrow Hotel and will see osteopaths from the UK and across the world                                       come together to celebrate the 30th anniversary of regulatory recognition of Osteopathy in                                     Europe.                                             

                                With internationally renowned headline speakers, it will bring together clinicians, educators,                                    researchers, and influencers from the breadth of the osteopathic profession. Along with                                          access to high-quality CPD, the event offers delegates the opportunity to connect and build                                    networks, encouraging collaboration across the osteopathic world.  

                                This event is brought to you by the Institute of Osteopathy, the National Council for                                                Osteopathic Research, Osteopathy Europe, the General Osteopathic Council, the Osteopathic                                  International Alliance, and the University College of Osteopathy.

                                20 – 21 October: Main Convention event: Pick your choice of one or two-days attendance,                                        with access to all plenaries and your choice of workshop sessions.  

                                Saturday evening, 21 October; Gala Dinner and iO Awards Ceremony: Join us for a memorable                                  evening starting with a drinks reception, followed by a three-course meal with wine and a                                        night full of entertainment and dancing. A perfect evening to host a celebration with your                                        osteopathic colleagues and friends, a college reunion or a graduation party. 

                                Additional events

                                - Thursday 19 October: Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA)* Annual General Meeting 

                                - Thursday 19 October: Osteopathy Europe (OE)* Annual General Meeting

                                - Friday 20 October: Institute of Osteopathy (iO)** Annual General Meeting

                                *Attendance is subject to you being representative of a member of either Osteopathy Europe                                   or the Osteopathic International Alliance.

                                ** Exclusive for iO Members.

                 NCOR and UCO presents research and education sessions:      
                      Learn more about these informative sessions here           



Convention Event Support Team:

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